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Event Registration Agreement

By registering for any 10/10ths Motorsports event, you agree to the following 10/10ths Motorsports Policies:


We run 3 run groups at all our events:     WHICH RUN GROUP TO REGISTER FOR   LINK

10/10THS reserves the right to  ask any driver to move to a lower group at any time based on their track performance and/or any other safety concern.


  • Advanced        (Open passing)
  • Intermediate    (Open passing WITH a  REQUIRED pointbye)
  • Novice              (Passing in straights WITH a pointbye)
    • Instructor approval required for SOLO
    • Must attend classroom sessions for track pass
    • In-car instructor provided



Passengers are permitted but must sign the 10/10ths Waiver and receive a passenger wristband.  Passengers must be 18 years or older.  NOVICE drives are not permitted to take a passenger unless previously signed off to solo by their instructor and 10/10ths and then only if significant ability has been shown previously by the driver.


Medical Devices / Conditions

If you have a medical condition that could cause an issue on track, we ask that you not register.  Implantable combination defibrillators/pacemaker patients,  Oxygen tanks etc. are not permitted for safety reasons.This is true for many high stress sports and recreational activities.


Cancellations / Transfers

  • This is like any other event such as sports, concerts etc.   NO Shows, mechanical problems prior to or during the event, weather issues during the event etc. simply cannot get a refund and/or a transfer to another event.
  • If you have to cancel within 10 days of the event, we cannot provide for a refund and/or a transfer to another event.
    • This includes things such as:
      • Mechanical problems
      • Weather
      • Scheduling issues
      • Work related
      • Etc.
  • If you have to cancel within 3 weeks to 10 days of the event, we will give you a refund via check, less $75.00 to cover our expenses. We can transfer to another event for the $75.00 fee ONLY if that event rungroup is not sold out.
    • Example.  If the event starts on the 24th, all request must be made prior to the 14th which is the 10 day period.
  • If you cancel more than 3 weeks in advance, we will give you a full refund via check.  We can also transfer you to another event ONLY if that event run group is not sold out.
  • Remember, we run rain or shine so 10/10ths is responsible for payment once we reserve the track to allow you the opportunity to drive.  Cancelling due to weather is a good way to make it impossible to continue to get you track time. 


Selling your Registration

  • This can be permitted but only with prior approval of 10/10ths.  This is to ensure we have room in the group of the new person if different from your original run group.



In order to request a Refund and/or a Transfer, you MUST utilize the page at the below link.  This will ensure accuracy and time stamping of your request.  Email and phone call cancellations and/or transfer request cannot be accepted for logistical reasons.



  By clicking on the register button below, I agree to the 10/10ths Policies.