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EXCITING NEWS > 10 / 10ths Motorsports Welcomes Danny Popp
10 / 10ths Motorsports Welcomes Danny Popp
Chief Instructor
Feb 2, 2008 --

10 / 10ths Motorsports has brought a high powered, experienced champion to bear on our events.   This will ensure our new students as well as our seasoned high performance drivers can obtain some very valuable driving instruction that is most importantly, comensurate with your existing skills.

I have had the distinct pleasure of having Danny ride with me and if you want to drive your car at 10 / 10ths, this is the man to teach you!


Welcome DANNY POPP (RAFTRACER) as the 10 / 10ths Motorsports Chief Instructor !!





Some of Danny's accomplishments include:


2002 Corvette Museum Super-tuner Challenge winner

 1994, 1996, 1999 BSP SCCA National Champion

 2003 ASP SCCA Solo2 National Champion.    

 1997 & 2000 BSP and 2004 ASP SCCA Pro-solo National Champion


 Mid-Ohio Pro-Course TTU 1:27:6xx   

Mid-Ohio Club Course TTU   1:32.553

Putnam Park TTU 1:12:850