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Angelwings Tech Angel Pads

 Angelwings C5 / C6 Track Day Bar

Our Angelwings C5C6 Track Day Bar for 5th and 6th generation Corvette convertibles is now available!  It is STRICTLY for Track Day and HPDE use, with welded 1.5″, 0.12″ wall DOM steel construction.  It is a true bolt-in, with only minimal plastic trimming and no welding required.  And unlike the other products out there, it will look so good that you’ll want to leave it in your Corvette when you’re on the street.  In fact, if you’re not into speed events, you may want one just for the agressive styling touch it will add to your Vette!

The Angelwings C5C6 Track Day Bar does not interfere with operation of the soft top.

The Angelwings C5C6 Track Day Bar comes standard in a satin black powder coat finish.  For and additional $100, you can order it in gloss black, bright red, yellow, white, grey or blue powder coat.  Or for $200 more, we’ll match or create a custom powder coat color for you.

As with all Angelwings Tech products, the Angelwings C5C6 Track Day Bar is proudly made with quality materials, here in the USA!

Because the Angelwings C5C6 Track Day Bar installs behind both the driver and passenger seats, there is a loss of seat travel. So if you are 6 feet or taller, it probably will not work for you. If you are 5'-10" or taller, it may be tight, depending upon your proportions and driving position. 


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Shipping will be determined and added to your oder.  You will be notified via email of shipping cost prior to us finalizing the order.