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AngelwingsTech Seat Pads


Angel Pads are designed for automotive enthusiasts who enjoy track days, autocrossing and other speed events, but who don’t wish to spend hundreds of dollars on a racing seat and all of the necessary brackets.

Angel Pads are a great “bang-for-your-buck” way to reduce your lap times!




One big problem with most sports cars, sports coupes and other vehicles designed for the street is that the seats are made for comfort and ease of access. That may be fine for day-to-day driving, but for anything more spirited, the seats just don’t cut it.

Even with a harness, you can find yourself using the steering wheel to hold yourself into place around a high-G turn. The only alternative to this point has been to purchase a racing seat. In addition to the expense of that option, if you use your car for more than just the track, you have to deal with removing and replacing the seat.

Angel Pads take up the spaces between the door, the console and you. They give you the lateral support you need without the fatigue you can get from a hard surface.

Angel Pads are made of heavy duty Caldura material with dense Q70 foam inserts. They have zippers sewn in so that the foam may be removed, rinsed and air-dried. The durable Caldura material can be machine or hand-washed.

Angel Pads fit in almost all cars and trucks. No cutting or special tools are required and they do not interfere with seatbelt operation.

Angel Pads come standard in black. Custom colors and patterns are available at extra cost.

Angel Pads are proudly made with quality materials here in the U.S.A.! 

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AngelWingsTech Seat Pad   $189.00


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