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Price: $375.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: 1 Day Putnam Park Gift Certificate

Please use the OPTION dropdown to the right to select which gift certificate you want to purchase.

We will mail the gift certificate to the address on the purchase document.  If you would like it mailed to another location, please email us at bill@1010thsmotorsports.com when you make the purchase.

Thank You


Redemption and Use Policy

You will receive a discount code with the certificate for a one time use.  Input the discount code when registering on line to receive a deduction in the amount of the gift certificate.


Once the event is scheduled, it then falls under our normal refund policy.

In order to put events on for you to enjoy, 10 /10ths Motorsports undertakes significant financial obligations.

This is like any other event such as sports, concerts etc.   NO Shows, mechanical problems prior to or during the event, weather issues during the event etc. simply cannot get a refund.  Adopting a policy otherwise will ensure there will not be a 10/10ths motorsports next year. 


In order that we may continue to provide you with quality events, the following cancellation / refund policies will be in effect for all our events.

  • If you have to cancel within 10 days of the event, we cannot provide for a refund, transfer or credit.
  • If you have to cancel within 3 weeks to 10 days of the event, we will give you a refund, less $75.00 to cover our expenses. 
  • If you cancel more than 3 weeks in advance, we will give you a full refund.
  • Remember, we run rain or shine so 10/10ths is responsible for payment once we reserve the track to allow you the opportunity to drive.  Cancelling due to weather is a good way to make it impossible to continue to get you track time.

We greatly appreciate your understanding of these policies.  It is essential to our business. 


 This gift certificate is transferrable by contacting bill@1010thsmotorsports.com   in advance.