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What We Provide



10 / 10ths Motorsports believes that by providing you with quality services, your event will be enjoyable as well as a learning experience.



Why Choose 10 / 10ths Motorsports ?

  • Fewer Groups
  • Easy Registration and Tech Inspection
  • On-Time Schedules
    • Schedules allow sufficient time for groups to get to their cars and prepare for the track.  We will not hold you in a meeting up until the time you should be in the hot pit.
  • MORE Track Time !!!   
  • Ability to train and practice for competitive events
    • Certain groups will have unlimited passing zones with no point bye required.
  • Photography of You On The Track
  • Lanyard and Laminated Event / Name Tag 
  • No membership fee 
  • Bottled Water and Sports Drinks for all Registered Drivers and Guests
  • First Class Instructors  

Many of our instructors are accomplished National Champion Drivers who can help you fine tune your skills and get you to the next level that is harder and harder to reach as you get faster.  You will have the opportunity to just chat with them and/or have them ride along, do lead follow sessions etc.  Take advantage of the skill and knowledge that will be at our events.


The reason you go to the track is to DRIVE YOUR CAR.  You can have a good time sitting the in paddock but the ONLY way to learn high performance driving skills is on the track.  We want to provide you as much time as you can handle doing just that.



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