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This sport brings with it some inherant risks.  Risks that 10/10ths Motorsports believes can be managed to a level to make it as safe as possible.

SAFETY is and must be the overriding factor in what we do at all times, and it will be.

All the rest comes a very close second.


In order to ensure a very high level of safety, 10/10ths Motorsports reserves the right to manage any potential and/or actual concern with any situation as we deem necessary with our decisions being final.  The primary goal will always be the safety of an individual as well as the entire group and nothing else.


At any event, with any organization, concerns that may arise and need to be discussed include but are not limited to:

  • Unsafe vehicles
  • Experiencing difficulty in your current run group
  • Aggressive and/or unsafe driving
  • Not listening and/or following the directions of instructors and/or the 10/10ths staff
  • Any aggressive behavior towards others on track or in the paddock.

It is very rare that these present themselves with any organization but we want to ensure all our drivers we will do what is necessary to provide the safest event possible.


We also understand that you may be new to the sport and simply have not yet developed a good skill set and/or that you simply do not know about various things.  We may discuss this with you in private to help further your knowledge of the sport as well as driving techniques.  These discussions will be done in a professional manner with your interests as well as that of the group in mind.


10/10ths has truly been blessed with a group of drivers who exhibit all the qualities that make our events great.  Our goal is to ensure just that.

THANK YOU for coming out with 10/10ths Motorsports, LLC