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Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Speed and Excitement !!!

Give the gift that will add a thrill to the recipients life.  For those that are in love with their High Performance Machine, let them drive it like it was meant to be driven, all in a safe and structured environment.

This is the perfect gift that the recipient will not forget.  We will give them the opportunity to experience the track for the first time, or yet another chance for those who have prior experience.   We will provide instructors for those that are new to the sport to allow them to get the most out of their car and their day at the track.

 We will make sure they have a great / safe time at the event and send them home smiling. 


Once purchased, you will receive a discount code to put in at the registration page.  It will deduct the amount of the gift certificate prior to check out.

Product   Price
Gift Certificates 2023   From $50.00

Presented in Certificate Format that you can give to your High Performance Driver









Thank You from the Staff at 10/10ths Motorsports