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High Performance Driving Event 


What is this HPDE thing I have been hearing about ???

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The High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) refers to driving schools held on dedicated race tracks designed to teach drivers proper high speed driving techniques. HPDE events are held by various automobile enthusiasts' clubs at some of the most renowned road-course tracks around the world. Participants include both students and instructors. Students are grouped according to their ability and experience, with "Novice Group" students being the least experienced, "Intermediate Group" being more experienced and "Advanced Group" drivers being the most experienced. Mandatory classroom instruction for Novices contributes to the overall learning experience and allows peer-group discussions of event logistics, on-track performance and track characteristics.

HPDE events are not racing. 10/10ths Motorsports is dedicated to teaching drivers the correct way to drive in a logical sequence with safety being the overriding factor.  We also allow some on track freedoms that you will not find anywhere else.  We believe performing certain driving activities on track is truly the ONLY way to learn these skills.

GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP is required.  Leave your ego at home.  We pride ourselves on providing you with a safe and educational event.  On track courtesy is what makes our event so enjoyable to be at.  We monitor it closely to ensure you have a great time.

10/10ths encourage participants to drive within their ability and improve their car-control skills with each event. Instructors and staff evaluate each student's progress throughout the weekend, and make recommendations on the student's advancement through successively higher skilled driver groups. It is extremely important for Novice drivers to learn the basic safety measures of the sport first such as entering the track, flags, corner worker functions and emergency procedures. It is also important to master basic car control skills and the racing line before worrying about how fast you are going.

Some basic things for all novice drivers to learn include:

  • Track Safety / Flags
  • HPDE terminology
  • Proper seat and hand position
  • Looking ahead
  • Straight line braking
  • Brake point
  • Turn in point
  • Apex
  • Track out point
  • Understeer and oversteer
  • Consistency


Do I Need Any Experience??

Absolutely not.  This sport is great in that it welcomes those with no experience.  You just need to be 18 and have a valid drivers license to participate.


Who's Car Do I Drive??

Participants bring their own car.  It can be 100% street legal and/or a 100% full race car.  It just needs to be mechanically sound.  We provide a tech sheet for you to review and fill out and are more than welcome to look at your car for you when you get to the track. 


What Equipment Do I Need??

The only equipment you will need, besides your car is an SA Rated Helmet.  It can be open face or closed.  We have rental helmets available if you want to try the sport out before purchasing a helmet.


Do I Need To Become A Member of 10/10ths??

Absolutely not.  We do not require this as other driving groups do.  You can register for one or as many events as you want throughout the year.


How Do I Sign Up For An Event??

Simply go to our home page and click on the event you would like to register for.