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Instructor Application


10 / 10ths Motorsports is interested in having quality instructors available for novices and others as requested.  Our goal is to provide registrants with as much track time as possible as "seat time" is the best way to learn.  In order to take advantage of the seat time however, we feel that novices must obtain a basic and solid understanding of high performance driving techniques.  This is where a good instructor can make a huge difference in the safety and skill of our novices.


Some key points we want to see in an instructor are:

  • A professional attitude.
  • At least 30, documented  high performance track events.
  • 5 years MINIMUM track day experience.
  • Previous instructor experience.
  • A good understanding of the formal, high performance driving techniques and terms.
  • The ability and willingness to pass on his/her experience to our novices.
  • The ability to keep the novice within his/her capabilities.
  • The willingness to complete novice skills sheets after each session.
  • A good understanding of our format, run groups, philosophy and customer service.
    • If you have not yet attended a 10/10ths event, you will be required to attend at least 1 event as a registered driver so that you can meet our staff, experience our event format as well as our overall philosophy about teaching our Novice drivers in the safest and most effective manner possible.   We do this to ensure the highest standards possible for 10/10ths.


    • If you have attended our events in the past, we may provide you an exemption from this requirement.

If you would like to become an instructor at our events, please complete the "Instructor Application Form" and return to 10 / 10ths Motorsports.  We will then get in contact with you to set up a possible instructor status for you.

Thank you for your interest in helping others learn this great sport !!


NOTE:  You cannot register as an instructor at an event until you submit the application below and it has been approved by 10/10ths Motorsports.


Click   to submit your application on-line.