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Are Spectators Welcome?

Absolutely, spectators are welcome and encouraged.

There is no charge for spectators to come and watch.   

Spectators will have to sign the waiver at the gate upon entering.

Please keep close watch on any children.  There is a lot of traffic in the paddock.

Will the Safety Rules be enforced?


The Safety Rules are in place for a very good reason.  This can be a dangerous sport if strict safety rules are not in place and enforced.

Any driver driving in an unsafe or malicious manner will be brought in and the situation discussed.   10 / 10ths Motorsports reserves the right to restrict any driver from the event at our discretion for serious safety violations.  We do not ever expect this to be the case but we do have an obligation to provide a safe event for all other drivers.


10/10ths expects and demands that each driver demonstrate GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP while at the event, especially when on track.  This has worked very well for us and will in the future as well.

What kind of helmet do I need?



Helmets are an essential part of performance driving and must be within strict standards. There is only one reason for this; It May Save Your Life.
All helmets must be in good condition and must meet at least a SA2015 or newer. There are no exceptions to this rule. We may or may not have loaner helmets available so make sure you bring your own. The SA rating ensures the helmet is provided with a level of flame protection.  Motorcycle helmets do not provide this protection.
Passengers must meet the same helmet requirements as the driver.
Why wear Snell-certified helmets?
The protective capability of a particular helmet is difficult to measure. One can quickly judge a helmet for style and price, and with only a little effort for fit and comfort as well.  It is much more difficult to gauge what a helmet can do when someone's skill, experience and every other precaution have failed, when his helmet's the only thing between his head and a violent collision. Snell Certification is our assurance that a helmet has measured up to the highest standards for protective performance time and again.
Why should you replace your helmet every five years?

The 5-year replacement recommendation is based on a consensus by both the helmet manufacturers and the Snell Foundation. Glues, resins and other materials used in helmet production over time can affect liner materials. Hair oils, body fluids and cosmetics, as well as normal "wear and tear" all contribute to helmet degradation. Petroleum based products present in cleaners, paints, fuels and other commonly encountered materials may also degrade materials used in many helmets possibly degrading performance. Additionally, experience indicates there will be a noticeable improvement in the protective characteristic of helmets over a 5-year period due to advances in materials, designs, production methods and the standards.

These are acceptable SNELL helmet stickers.  Will be found inside your helmet.



What about seat belts / harnesses?



Seat belts must be in good working order. Some cars may have a harness system installed. These systems must be properly installed according to manufacturer’s instruction.   Harnesses that do not come THROUGH the back of the seat may present serious risks and can be used at the sole responsibility of the wearer.

We REQUIRE that if you have a harness system in your car, you also utilize a properly designed head/neck restraint system.


  It is not necessary to provide “Equivalent Protection’ to your passengers however, they must wear a fully functional seat belt and/or harness system.




Are "Open Top" or "Convertable" Cars Allowed?


Provided they are equipped with a factory roll bar and/or aftermarket installed roll bar.

You helmet should be able to pass the "broom test" meaning that while you are sitting in your car with your helmet on, we can lay a broom across the top of your car, front to back and clear your helmet by about 1".

Some newer cars have a "Pop-up Roll Bar" System which is perfectly fine and has been proven to work.

What flags will be used?

It is imperative that you watch for and heed all flag warnings. The corner workers are constantly on the look-out for problems on the track and can quickly and effectively give you track condition information, but ONLY if you keep an eye out for them.

Observing the flags is also good practice for “keeping your eyes up” while driving on the track.















What if I damage the track?

If you have an accident and cause damage to the track such as guardrails, tire walls etc.  YOU will be responsible for the repair costs if any.  This also inlcudes any track supplies that are used such as fire extinguishers, absorbent etc.

The track will determine the cost of repairs and we will bill you for that amount.

What if I wreck my car?

YOU and only you are responsible for all damage to your car.  You may want to check with your insurance carrier on this issue.  There are also organizations that can provide track insurance.


You are responsible for damage to your car, even if the damage was caused by another driver.

What do I need to wear?

Shoes should be racing shoes or gym shoes.   No open toed shoes, sandals etc. are permitted.

Shirts and pants should be cotton based.  Shirts should be long sleeve however this may be waived depending on the weather if very hot conditions may make heat exhaustion a greater threat.  This decision will be made the day of the event.

Are Rental Helmets available?

We have a limited number of rental helmets available.   If you need a helmet, ask us and we may be able to assist you but it is not guarenteed.

Rental helmets are $25.00 for the day.

How old does a driver or passenger need to be?


Can I get a refund if I need to cancel?

Yes, with limitations,

In order to put events on for you to enjoy, 10 /10ths Motorsports undertakes significant financial obligations.  Event costs to 10/10ths are in the Ten's of Thousands of dollars for each weekend.

This is like any other event such as sports, concerts etc.   NO Shows, mechanical problems prior to or during the event, weather issues during the event, work schedules etc. simply cannot get a refund or transfer or a credit of any kind.   Adopting a policy otherwise will ensure there will not be a 10/10ths motorsports next year. 


In order that we may continue to provide you with quality events, the following cancellation / refund policies will be in effect for all our events and strictly adhered to:

  • If you have to cancel within 10 days of the event, we cannot provide for a refund or allow for a transfer or issue a credit.
    • Mechanical problems, weather, work schedules, illness etc. are included in this policy.  It is your responsibility to ensure your car is ready.  We absolutely must stick to this policy at all times to ensure the continuation of 10/10ths.
  • If you have to cancel within 30 days  to 10 days of the event, we will give you a refund, less $75.00 to cover our expenses. 
  • If you cancel more than 30 days in advance, we will give you a full refund.
  • Remember, we run rain or shine so 10/10ths is responsible for payment once we reserve the track to allow you the opportunity to drive.  Cancelling due to weather is a good way to make it impossible to continue to get you track time.

We greatly appreciate your understanding of these policies.  It is essential to our business. 

Can I bring any type car to the track?

YES, with 1 limitation

Provided the car is in good condition and can pass the Tech Sheet requirements.

These are obviously high performance events so a 1980 Yugo with 20 HP may not be advantageous for you or others at the track.  Simply put, your car must be able to operate in a safe manner and at speeds somewhat similar to others on the track.

For Open Top cars, please see the requirements listed in an above question.


Unfortunately however, we cannot allow open wheel cars for safety reasons.

What if my car has a mechanical failure at the track, do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, No

We cannot provide any refund, transfer or future credit if your car experiences a mechanical issue at the track.  It is not uncommon for a few cars to experience this and it would quickly put 10/10ths out of business to offer refunds for this reason.


If your car has a mechanical problem, you do have the option of then putting another car on the track as long as it meets our technical inspection requirements.  Your registration is for your driving spot, not your car so this is allowed.

Can I have a passenger?

 YES with limitations

You can have a passenger but they must sign the track waiver, wear an appropriate helmet, clothing and seatbelt / harness.

Riders must be at least 18 years of age.

Drivers providing rides MUST be previously checked off to solo by the 10/10ths staff and applicable student instructor(s).  This will not occur on your first track day under any circumstance.  Novice drivers will not be permitted to take passengers unless they have been signed off to solo, have demonstrated proficiency on track and have the approval of the 10/10ths staff.  10/10ths reserves the right to restrict Novice drivers taking passengers at any time, for any reason. 

  • Note that some drivers stay in the Novice group for extended periods of time for various reasons and are capable of taking passengers.
  • This will be decided on a case by case basis with SAFETY as the most important factor.

Can two people share a car for the price of one?

There is a $75.00 Fee for sharing a  car in the same group.

If two people will be sharing a single car, it is obvious that only one of you can be driving it at one time.   For single car, two driver situations, payment for one person only can be submitted, along with a $75.00 registration for the 2nd driver.   Please let us know via email and/or telephone call in advance so we can include the 2nd person in our roster.  In order for 2 people to share a car, YOU MUST BOTH RUN IN THE SAME GROUP.   This will essentially cut your track time in half however.  If you want to run in different groups, then both of you must register as this takes up 2 spots at the event.

What about rain?

The event will run rain or shine.   Unfortunately we cannot control the weather but are still responsible for the track rental, even if it rains.

For unusual situations such as flooding etc. we will make every attempt to work with the track to get at least a partial refund but we can not assure this will happen.

Please note that even though the event takes place during rain, we reserve the right to shut the track down for situations such as:

  • Excessive water on track
  • Lightning in the area  (for corner worker safety)
  • Excessive wind gusts

Is lunch provided?

Typically, lunch will not be provided unless specifically stated in the event registration information.  We will provide water and sports drinks to all registered drivers and their guests at each of our events.   The track concession stand may or may not be open so be prepared to have a sandwich etc. with you.

How can I access photos taken of my car on the track?

After the event, we will upload photos to the 10/10ths FaceBook page.  All photos will be available for download with no restrictions.


When a professional photographer is on site, we will provide information about that photographer and links to their website.

Is it possible to move up 1 group during an event?


Should you exhibit driving abilities that warrent a move up in groups, we will discuss it with you and possibly take a lap or two as a passenger in your car.  As long as we do not have too many cars in the group you wish to move to, it will be allowable.

Novice drivers will only be allowed to move to Intermediate after being "soloed" by their instructor and approved by the 10/10ths staff.

Will there be a "host hotel" with event pricing?


We will attempt to make "host hotel" arrangements for every event and try to obtain an attractive event price.  For events where this can be done, we will post it in the registration section of each event page.

Can I show up the day of the event and register?

YES, with limitations

In some cases, this can be accomplished .  If the event is near full or full, we may have to move you to a lower run group to achieve the desired number of cars on the track for each session.  We cannot move you to a higher group however for safety reasons.   We may not be able to provide you with an instructor however we will make every attempt should you request one.  If you are a Novice driver and no instructors are available, you will not be able to register unless you have been previously solo'd at this track with 10/10ths..  

Payment must be made via cash, credit card or check at time of registration.  We will provide you with tech forms etc. at the time of registration.


It is best to call ahead to see if spots are open.





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