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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on the current COVID-19 situation as if affects our track days. 


This is a PowerPoint that will be sent out to all drivers:



Our next scheduled event is at Putnam Park on June 20-21..    I will be very closely watching developments and will be guided by government guidelines on how to proceed. I will keep everyone updated on that event and hope it does take place.  

This is an unprecedented time in our lives and although some of the decisions I have to make will not be pleasant, but they will be made on sound information and what is ethical, moral and which also follows the current emergency orders of each State.  I have the best interest of our great drivers first and foremost. 

I will  implement the following as needed :

  • Greatly shorten drivers meeting and hold outside if at all possible.
    • Include a "Virtual Drivers Meeting" PowerPoint with the event email  (Please review this, it will help shorten the drivers meeting to a great extent)
  • Encourage distancing guidelines in the garages and paddock.
  • For May at Putnam Park,  I will discontinue the coolers outside of garage 1A with water and Gatorade.  Please be prepared to bring your own drinks.
  • Continually clean and disinfect registration tables, packets etc., especially in the AM and then during the day.
  • Possibly suspend classroom sessions and/or hold outside.   I will work with Kelly on this.
  • Work with the track on sanitizing restrooms etc. on a regular basis
  • Will determine if concession stand will be open and will let everyone know ahead of time.


Rental Helmets

  • All rental helmets will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to each day
  • Disposable head socks will be provided and required for persons to wear
  • Do not share helmets
  • I have purchased the head socks and will provide at no charge to our helmet renters.
  • No loaner helmets will be available for passengers unless rental fee is paid.  (This will help offset the cost of implementing this safety item)


Driver Health

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • If you are sick, please do not attend the event.
  • If you have tested positive, please do not attend the event unless you have a subsequent negative test and are symptom free.
  • If you live with someone who is sick or tested positive, please do not attend unless you have tested negative just prior to the event and have no symptoms.



I am in the process of contacting local track hotels to gain information about their COVID-19 Response program and will ensure they are doing everything possible to deal with the situation.



The refund policy will be per our normal policy found on the registration page and/or the 10/10ths website.  If you need to cancel inside of that time period due to COVID-19, I will issue a track credit for a future 2020 event. 


The 10/10ths Staff will be provided with all these guidelines and instructions on how we will implement them.  I want you to attend knowing we have and will take every precaution needed to ensure your health safety.

This will pass but until then, our events may be a bit different than normal.


I want to thank everyone in advance for your patience, suggestions and understanding of what is an extraordinary event in our lifetime.  I hope it is not repeated.



At least for the short term, there will be changes to how our events are conducted.  My goal is to minimize the changes but ensure we maintain a very high level of health safety for each and every Instructor, Driver and Guest as well as the 10/10ths staff.


Remember to keep yourself and your family safe during this time.

  • Social Distancing
  • No gatherings
  • Washing hands frequently,  Especially prior to touching your face
  • Clean surfaces in your home that are prone to contamination,
    • Phones
    • Door knobs
    • Computer keyboards etc.


I will send out updates as needed and pray for a quick resolution for our Nation and all our citizens.


Thanks very much,