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10 / 10ths Motorsports is looking for quality instructors for all our events.  Please complete the following form and submit via the on-line submission button.


10 / 10ths Motorsports believes in providing quality instructors and delivering effective feeback to our students.  Our goal is to teach them the basics of car control, high performance driving techniques and above all, SAFETY.  By becoming an instructor, you agree to follow the guidelines and principles of 10 / 10ths Motorsports and to release 10 / 10ths Motorsports of all liability associated with our events.  Getting into a car with a novice, or even experienced drivers brings along a certain level of risk.  You must be willing to accept this risk.


If you have not attended a 10/10ths event in the past, you will be asked to attend your first event as a registered driver so that we can meet with you and review our entire program etc.  The purpose of this is to ensure we maintain the highest standards possible.


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