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Safety at the Track


Safety has always been a top priority at all our 10/10ths events.  Without it, there is just no reason to risk what we do. 

The key is to minimize and manage possible risks to the best extent possible, knowing that we can never completely eliminate them. 

Safety MUST FIRST come from within, using your brain to incorporate the correct attitude as well as incorporating the things you have learned about this sport.  It is not enough to just go out and drive, but you must learn the proper technique(s) and always be alert and prepared for any possible happenings on track.  You must be in the game 100%, all the time. Safety equipment is certainly high up on the required list but the goal is to never have to use it. You must also realize that things can and do happen that are simply beyond your control.

  • Mechanical failures  
  • Other driver mistakes.  None of us are pro drivers  
  • Getting caught up in track debris such as oil etc. from a car in front of you 

The key here is to be prepared and have had some forethought on how to handle these situations. . There are a number of things you can do to increase your level of safety, as well as that of the other drivers on the track even before you go out for your first session:

  • Be mentally prepared and with the right attitude 
  • Big egos at the track simply do not work 
  • Ensure your car is as ready as it can be          
  • Develop a check sheet and complete it prior to each and every event  
  • Ensure YOU are ready as you can be            
  • If you are not feeling well, are dehydrated etc. simply do not go out  
  • KNOW the flags and how to react to them  
  • KNOW where the corner workers are stationed and be prepared to follow their direction  
  • Be courteous on track at all times           
  • Be a Great Sportsman/women at all times  
  • Plan ahead and be mentally prepared for various situations BEFORE they actually happen  
  • Pay attention to other drivers when they discuss past experiences such as cold track, cold tires,  Red Mist etc.  You can actually learn quite a bit from them. 

Once on track, there are some basic things that you can do to again, increase your level of safety as well as that of the other drivers:
Adhere to the stated event rules at all times  

  • Employ "situational awareness".               
  • You should know who is around you and/or coming up on you at all times   
  • Pay attention to your car.  If something does not feel or sound right, it most likely is not       Bring it in.  
  • If you are a Novice driver, listen to what your instructor is telling you but do not do anything that may make you feel uncomfortable.  
  • Be courteous, give obvious point bye's and pit in signals. 
  • Drive the line and be predictable.  
  • If you do go off track, STAY IN YOUR CAR with safety equipment in place.  The only exception would be if the car is on fire or if fumes etc. make unsafe to remain in the car.  
  • Adhere to all flag commands. 

The above represents those very basic items that can increase your level of safety.  If you noticed, each and everyone of them starts with your brain and your willingness to drive in a safe manner.  Nothing above costs any money, we will save that for later discussions.  Nothing above is difficult but everything above will make you safer. Come to the track with safety in mind.  We all come to drive fast but at what price?